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Safe Developers is a property development company established by Silgo Group of Companies to build not just property but to build dream Homes.

Even though, Safe Developers is a new company launching its first project, the actual picture is much bigger. Safe Developers is next stage in a natural progression that has been in the making for 35 years. This progression was set in motion by Silgo group, a construction-based group that started with a building maintenance company in UAE in the early 1980s and since been built piece by piece to span several sectors across UAE and India. The promotors are involved in construction, Interior, Manufacturing, Trading, Events and Logistics and offer highly specialized services such as project design advisory, value engineering and Turnkey project solution across UAE and India. Silgo Group has worked with some of the biggest names in the GCC in delivering projects in every sector from industrial, residential, commercial, hospitality and everything in between.

This is the experience that Safe Developers draws from and that is why Safe Developers can confidently claim that it knows what their customers want and deliver it to them with the best quality at the most affordable price.

Whether you’re looking to invest in new build and refurbishment schemes, collaborate on bespoke projects, or are an existing landowner with a joint venture idea, Safe Builder & Developers LLC has the collective skills and experience to translate your ideas. For a free consultation, contact the team today.


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Whether you are looking for an investment, or the property of your dreams, Safe Builder & Developers LLC offers it all.

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